December 2022

Barry Michael Neil

Chapala resident since 2018. Many readers will remember Barry Michael Neil from his convincing performance as Oscar in Lakeside Little Theatre’s Musical of 2019 Sweet Charity. As he had never acted on stage, this performance was a remarkable achievement. Having said that, Barry was no stranger to public performance, but his performances were on Radio!

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It wasn’t what I expected at all. So far north, almost like driving in northern Scotland, a harsh windswept landscape. How could anyone survive when the potato crops failed and food dwindled over several years? But to look at Castlebar now, you would think it was a suburb of Dublin. Sleek medical clinics and supermarkets

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Be Prepared!

“The first tropical storm of the season is forming west of Guatemala,” the online weather site reported. “OK,” I thought, and clicked on YouTube and watched a video of schnauzers juggling bowling balls. Then I watched a seven-month-old boy recite the Gettysburg Address in Latin. I didn’t give the announcement a second thought. I should

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