August 2013


DEAR PORTIA —Advice to the Lovelorn, the Overfed and The Deeply Disgruntled   DEAR PORTIA: I have been writing short stories and poems for most of my life, yet have never had anything published. But that’s not what bothers me. By now I am on a first-name basis with rejection. Yet I still derive great satisfaction


Water For All

Water For All By Margaret Van Every   The high walls of Las Delicias, armed with broken glass on top, were a formidable bulwark against the needy of San Antonio, who subsisted in squalor just on the walls’ shadow side. Every dwelling in Las Delicias had its own swimming pool, tennis courts, orchards and ornamental

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Los Ancianos

Los Ancianos By Antonio Ramblés AKA Tony   Few contrasts between American and Mexican cultures are more striking than the way in which each views and treats its senior citizens. America’s seniors are often cloistered in assisted living facilities or nursing homes far from family and friends.  Mexico’s oldest – los ancianos – seem

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