Anita’s Animals – August 2013

Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Anita---Aug12Have you noticed that cats and dogs seem to get along better than many people?? Cat and dogs are quite different from each other, but seem to encounter, or create less negative interactions with each other than humans seem to do. Animals do not have calendars or watches  to keep track of time, they just seem to treasure and appreciate the time that they are in, in that moment. Even when they get a bit older chronologically, the kittenish  or the puppy side of them comes out in their behavior. Maybe by observing some of their traits, we as humans can enhance our lives and enjoy life more. 

Sadly in our lives for those who have had pets we have experienced the loss of a pet. For those who have never had the pleasure of having had a pet may not understand the profound grief and emptiness that comes with the loss of that family pet member. Hopefully our pet  has been able to have a long happy, healthy life with us. But there are times we are forced to deal with difficult situations when there is no hope to cure a terminal condition or alleviate constant pain. At that time as their true guardians, we put our own selfish feelings aside. We think of our best friend and their well being and dignity. It is a most heart wrenching decision to make, but it is an act of love, kindness and respect for our pet family member. Grief is experienced by each person in their own individual way, depth and length of time.  There are no rules about this. If you have more than a one pet family, you can also see that they also grieve for the loss of their friend. Like people, pets never ‘replace’ another pet, as each is unique and should not be compared with each other. Circumstances and healing time will guide you in making a decision about when to take another pet into your family. P.S. Cats and dogs do go to Heaven.. otherwise we would be very lonely without them  when we hopefully get there ourselves.

If you are interested in looking at some puppies and dogs that are available for adoption  at Anita’s Animals, please take a look at this website: It is updated every two weeks with new arrivals and those that have been adopted in the interim will have their previous photo removed. This website is done by a most generous volunteer who wishes to support dog adoption at Lakeside. If you are interested in a particular dog posted, please do not give Anita the website’s assigned dog number. Instead give a description of the dog in the picture to inquire if it is still available. But, the best option is to go visit Anita’s and find the puppy/dog that calls to your heart – it is after-all,  a love affair that needs to be developed. 

Sadly we are in kitten and puppy “season.” In 4 weeks [June/July] Anita accepted at the market on consecutive Wednesdays: 18 kittens/3 puppies [yes, 18], 9 kittens/4 puppies, 3 kittens/1 puppy and 7 kittens/2 puppies. You may ask the question: why? The simple answer is: If she does not accept them, where else will they go?? Thrown away in the trash or left on a  road to be slaughtered–both of which happen. Instead, they will stay with Anita and live in a safe, caring environment until each one is adopted. Your donations are appreciated to help support the lives of these innocent creatures.

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