December 2016


Transitions By Tom Nussbaum   “Why don’t I like to play with dolls, Jeremy?” nine-year-old Michelle Klein asked the lanky teenager sitting on the window seat in her bedroom as she pushed a red toy race car across the desk sitting next to the window. “I don’t know, Michelle,” Jeremy, the Klein’s neighbor, answered. “But

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Dreams By Margaret Van Every   Claire La Flamme wasn’t the least flamboyant. From Montreal, she was a plain girl who drifted into the art school in our Mexican village, perhaps in search of finding a few artsy friends as she was passing through. We art students were a cliquish sort disinclined to pay any

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The Ojo Internet Mailbox – December 2016

The Ojo Internet Mailbox (Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)   GRANDPA’S COIN Brian Dalziel Thank you, Alexsi Currier, for relating this poignant story. Beyond Israel, nationalism is on the rise today in Poland and Hungary, England and France. And in the United States, witnessed by the rise of presidential candidate Donald

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