June 2022

Poetry Niche – June 2022

In this month’s Ojo you will see two pages dedicated to poetry. It is the Poetry Niche, and we have added Mel Goldberg to the staff as the poetry editor. As you will learn, Mel has an extensive background in teaching as well as writing and is an international award-winning poet.

Mirage de el Dorado – Complex Civilizations?

On 13 August 2005 two scholars, Eduardo Neves, a Brazilian, and James Peterson, Anthropology Department chairman at the University of Vermont, visited a roadside restaurant in the Amazon jungle. Two gunmen walked in and demanded their money. As a departing afterthought, one shot the American in the abdomen. Peterson died before Neves could get him …

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Recently, Judy and I celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary. The event prompted a number of queries from folks wanting us to share some wise words on long-term relationships, queries that caused both of us to ponder the past. “What are the reasons for our marital longevity?” I asked. She hesitated, then mused, “Have you ever …

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Father’s Day Without Rogelio

Daria Hilton shares her story of a neighbor who became a father figure to her. She starts by saying: I was in California for Thanksgiving when I got the text … My neighbor Rogelio had died. The tears came quick and fierce. All of my Chapala neighbors had made me feel welcome in the barrio, but none more than Rogelio.” A touching and heart-felt story.

The Window

It happened February 18th after coming off the graveyard shift, muscling freight, outside, all night, on the dock. Ragged, cold, and tired, Mr. Z unlocked the door to a quiet home and sat at the kitchen table for a drink. He looked out the window at the freshly fallen snow. “It looks nice, before the …

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