Letter’s to the Editor

Letter’s to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir,
David Pisarra’s guest editorial in the September issue is good. He has made points that are important for immigration anywhere. One, however, was a mixed bag. He said, “We all benefit from the influx of new blood and ideas, and I can’t think of a single time that the current occupants of our continent welcomed the new people with open arms.”
Our continent has three countries. Mexico welcomes non-Latinos. There are an estimated one million Americans alone. Canada used to have a very open immigration policy, which has in more recent years been tightened somewhat. When Mr. Pisarra referred to “…the current occupants of our continent…”he indicated resistance to immigrants. Yes, there is some resistance to strangers, but it all settles down with time.
In Canada once immigrants are accepted for citizenship, the presiding judge at the ceremony always welcomes the diversity they bring. Canada views their citizens as representative of a mosaic of cultures. Immigrants are not expected to change the way they live or the language they speak at home as long as they can read signs and documents in either English or French and they follow Canadian law.
People who visit Canada will see how they handle the ongoing influx of immigrants. Maybe some will be able to attend a citizenship ceremony and see the pride and celebration among the entire group of new citizens regardless of place of origin.
Kay Davis

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