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By Robert L. Nipper


United-states-constitutionHolly Swanson, author of the book, Set Up & Sold Out; Find Out What Green Really Means,wrote about her book, “It is a revealing look into the secret side of environmental politics.” She asks, “How many Americans have heard the term sustainability? Do we know what that term means in the context of environmental greenness?” 

Look, I want clean air and clean drinking water as much as you do. I recycle and have taken rapid transit and carpooled for years. I am an advocate for protecting whales and baby seals. Ask a majority of Americans about their environmental concerns, and they would respond similarly.

So, how dangerous is the term “sustainability” and what is the agenda behind it?  All movements toward being green are not a bad thing. However, there is a faction of the green movement that is a Communist front bent on control.

Americans have been conditioned to believe “green” is good, that we care about our future world’s condition. What Americans don’t understand is that these “Greenies” advance their political plans as solutions for environmental protection by generating fear through their rhetoric. They suggest environmental doom is imminent to pass legislation that will, according to Ms. Swanson, “control individual opportunities and actions, control business, and end private property rights”.

“Think Globally, Act Locally,” you’ll hear. This political effort utilizes the fate of mankind to justify massive changes to our social and political society. Governmental control is manifest through law upon law being passed. That happens if public opinion allows it to happen. Khrushchev said, “America will accept socialist program upon socialist program until one day they wake up and find they are under Communist control.” Prophetic words!

The Greenies are bringing a curriculum into our schools to finish the indoctrination of our children. They focus on the very young because they need their votes to carry on their agenda in the future. Watch for terms like “sustainable environment” and you will discover it no longer refers to methods for recycling, or environmentally sound usage of our natural resources.

International laws will supersede America’s laws, and the Constitution will become void. The term is “Compulsory Green Living,” espoused by Jonathon Porritt, political activist, and leader of the green movement. One billionaire in particular, Maurice Strong, profits from this gimmick. Strong, a Communist, has shrewdly positioned himself, disguised as an environmentalist, to destroy American industry.

Maurice Strong is the creator of the sham called “Global Warming.” He pays American environmentalists groups like the Sierra Club to file suits, perform environmental anarchism, and generally wreak havoc on American industry. We have seen this in the timber industry, beef production, agriculture, coal mining and oil exploration. Meanwhile, Strong is dumping millions into the Brazilian oil fields, and other industries competing with American production, along with his cronies George Soros, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and Al Gore. Some environmentalists, huh?

The UN says Americans will be required to lessen consumption of our natural resources by 75%. It calls for Americans paying to bring such things as electricity, oil production, drinkable water and enhanced agricultural capabilities to third world nations. I hope you heard that!  We will be required to lessen consumption via this “green movement” and bring the very things they say we need to use less of to other countries! It’s called spreading the wealth, folks! A basic precept of Communism. The Agenda 21 document confirms this.

Someone will write in saying I’m smearing a benign effort to save the planet. Don’t let them sell you that bill-of-goods.


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