ABOUT APPARITIONS —Beheld Here and Around the World

—Beheld Here and Around the World

By Nancy Greenheart
Cultural Researcher


aparittions-religiousMany people are drawn to, and yet puzzled by, apparitions reported here in Mexico, and around the world throughout history. Usually the receivers of these visions are humble sorts of people, not really seeking the celebrity limelight. Yet their amazement and sincerity gain the attention of the devout and curious alike.

After many years of study and research of such apparitions, I have found a common thread and most plausible explanation for the majority of these blessed occurrences. Follow along this trail of insight with the understanding that you may open yourself to new ideas. Of course, you have the option to resist the whole thing.

From extensive research, I have come across those who can receive a manifestation that is clearly beyond there normal experience. Most often the image seen is imbued with an overpowering sense of love. Sometimes this being is floating, as though to touch foot to ground is meaningless to them.

Sometimes this being walks among us and certain people can see the holiness, or feel the touch imbued with divine and powerful healing love. Divine help is offered and the ready ones receive. Most all such ready ones come away with a knowledge that God is Love, beyond all earthly concept; and a sense of mission that we are to forgive one another as innocent children of that God of Love.

In many cultures, people interpret this core-reaching penetrating love as that of the ultimate mother, The Divine Mother. Here in Mexico, in Lourdes, Fatima, and many countries of Asia, Europe and the Americas, people have seen such spiritual apparitions in the form of a young, beautiful and beatific mother.

Other cultures  have a wider comprehension of such nurturing energies as taking on a sense of male or female. Some will say that such high divine love is of a source beyond gender. Some use the term Ascended Masters to include apparitions of both genders who communicate on occasion to individuals, and sometimes small groups. Some see cross-gender spiritual messengers as Angels, with or without wings; some see less formed columns of lights.

From the preponderance of all such occurrences that stand the test of scrutiny, the sincerity and magnitude of changed awareness of the recipients, I conclude that one divine Truth extends Its Love and penetrates our world: Those who are ready receive. Those least distracted by everyday mundane worries, often in a neutral solitude of a natural setting, receive the clearest detail.

This profound Love comes from One Source, some would say the Holy Spirit.  The collective message is to receive our status as beloved sons and daughters, with the task of forgiving one another.


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