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The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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Excelente!! good done!! love. Jim

CHARLIE KLESTADT—Cruz Roja, and Blessings

Cate Howell

My husband and I always enjoy reading your articles, but this article on Charlie was especially welcome, since he contributes so much to life here at Lakeside. So here’s a request: start a regular series of articles on people who make things happen here. There are many people here who lend their talents to non-profits and other worthwhile causes, and I for one would really enjoy reading about them, where they came from, how long they’ve been here, their thoughts on life here. Thanks!!


Morris Cottingham

OK, I want to talk like a Hoosier Pirate, but saw NO links to where classes are held, or what to do next to learn Spanish Piracy. Please send info/links, and thank you for a very helpful article.

Karen Doyle

Likewise – where could one get lessons on how to learn HOOSIER SPANISH. I could not find any info.

Where to get further information???

Cindy Paul

jajaja Well, maybe I should mention that I’m no longer teaching the massacre of beginning Spanish. This kind of survival Spanish tactic can come in very handy for the nearly hopeless, though. Why not teach yourself? Just learn a few words every day and refuse to conjugate any verb! – CP

JALTEPEC — Where Dreams Come True

Sheila Turner

What are the dates of your Christmas dinners?


For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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