Inspiration and Transformation at Jaltepec

logo jaltepecInspiration and Transformation at Jaltepec

Submitted by Terry and Carole Baker

maria guadalupe cabreraIt’s July and the Lake Chapala rainy season has arrived with a vengeance. The Jaltepec School of Hoteleria remains a hive of activity with studying, working, and final exams, in addition to experiencing the Cultural Week Course of fashion and elegance and preparing for the Pan American University Entrepreneurial Expo Competition.

The special Cultural Week was titled ”Put Color to Your Natural Beauty” and consisted of personal counseling through education in self-esteem, fashion, elegance, and cultural sensitivity. The five day course enhanced the girls’ values as women and ended with a Runway Fashion Show on Sunday, June 28th. The girls learned the critical message that 80% of opinions of a person are made on the first meeting and the importance of personal dress and visual presentation.

In the annual Entrepreneurial Expo, the competition is based upon the merits of each presentation but most importantly, the student must be able to articulate how the project would be successful. Jaltepec excels in their students’ abilities to present plans that will become micro enterprises. This year, 10 students earned a scholarship to an online course called UNIEMPRENDE. The actual cost of this course is 9,000 pesos but will be free for these students. The first three ranking students will be provided with support and advice for their specific projects by the Business Incubation Department of the Pan Am University in Guadalajara.

After this event the students were amazed with what they had achieved. They realized that they are able to accomplish great things and that some have real entrepreneurial qualities. They were able to explain their projects with passion and self-confidence. As a result of the hard work of the students and staff, 2015 will be another notable year of individual transformation and success.

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