Remembering Rosemary Dineen

Remembering Rosemary Dineen


Rosemary DineenOne could always tell when Rosemary Dineen was in the room:  Her infectious, un-selfconscious laugh (along with her blindingly whimsical socks) was her unmistakable trademark.

Rosemary died Friday, July 10, in her home in Boulder, CO, to where she’d moved from San Antonio Tlayacapan to be closer to her family.  Her daughters said she died peacefully “in love and peace.”  She was 82.

Born in New Bremen, Ohio, on October 13, 1932, Rosemary raised four daughters, left a challenging marriage, and found a new mid-life career (and new mid-life confidence) as a salesperson for Dale Carnegie’s public speaking program.  She also created and ran an import business that took her to Russia several times during the Cold War.

 Known Lakeside for her poetry that celebrated simple joys in daily life, she was often at the Old Posada, nursing a cold beer and befriending whoever walked by.  Always eager to hear new stories and experience new wonders, Rosemary, nonetheless, spoke often about having lived a happy life and her willingness to embark on her next adventure.

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