Mexico: The Positive Side

Mexico: The Positive Side

By Dr. Todd D. Stong


obam y pena nieto(Partially based on his recent Open Circle presentation)

Of near 200 nations in the world Mexico is with pride 11th (PPP – Purchasing Power Parity) in economic size in terms of GDP, right behind various EU nations. (Right behind Germany, France, UK, Russia and Brazil).

By 2050 it is predicted that Mexico may be in 6th place in the world behind China, USA, India, Brazil and Russia.

In terms of debt, Mexico at less than 40% of GDP, appears quite good compared to the 1st world where many nations possess debt near or over 100% and the US about 75%/CA near 40% also.

Mexico is the largest nation in all of Latin America for both import and export.  It has over 40 international free-trade agreements, more than even the US.   90% of trade is via these agreements.

Mexico’s exports are 90% to the US/CA and 55% of their imports from the same.

China’s factory wage is at $4.50/hr and going to $6, while Mexico is at $3.50 and there is no ship voyage across the Pacific.

Mexico’s Dina Company is the #1 bus manufacturer in the world.

Mexico now produces more autos than the US and Canada.

Further, Mexico does not simply assemble autos, but also designs/makes 70% of the parts that go into these cars. 

Mexico graduates over 100,000 electronic engineers each year that support not only design of auto systems but have made the nation #1 in the world for the manufacture of TVs. Over 30% of exports from Mexico are electronics.

The largest construction company in the world is CEMEX, which is also ranked #3 in the world for cement.

One can easily see that Mexico is ranked #2 for Coca Cola, and in turn is #1 in diabetes in the world.

Despite stagnation of its oil industry with a 60%+ tax since it nationalized foreign oil companies in 1938, it remains in 6th place for production. Exports went from 60% in 1980 to 7% now.


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