In Memory of Dryden Jones

By Gudrun Jones



When we were young

We thought that we could change the world.

Our Dreams flew high

And every song invited us to dance

Love was in every glance.

But now we know

Tomorrow is just a breath away,

The world did not change

And we are no longer young.

How quickly time did fly,

Gave us so many reasons to cry,

So many things were left undone

So many songs left unsung.

Then for one moment I looked away

Did not know that you could not stay

Our hands are no longer entwined

You left before you could say good bye,

Left me in a world I no longer like.

In everything I see I search for you

At night I look for a star that is new,

Thinking it might be you.

Memories I treasure like a shiny pearl

As I think of you in that other world.

At night I can’t wait to fall asleep

So I can find you in my dream.

And there again are ‘We’

But when I awaken – it is only me.

(Ed. Note: Mr. Dryden Jones passed away on1/14/15. A Memorial will be planned at a date in the future by his wife, Gudrun. You can send your email to:




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