Puppies: Chick Magnet or Social Crutch

Puppies: Chick Magnet or Social Crutch

By John Comando

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There’s something about a puppy. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. There’s something about a puppy that women love. They can’t resist running up to them, bending down and petting them.
“Can I hold it?” they implore.
The enterprising guy can see opportunity in this phenomenon. It answers the question that stumps so many Lake Chapala single males: “How do you meet women around this place?”
Hey guys, the fastest way to meet a woman is to get a puppy! Simply put it on a leash, and go for a walk. It’s sort of like going fishing. The leash is the line and the puppy is the bait.
It doesn’t matter where you go. Cruise the Malecon. Mornings are puppy walking time as women take their own dogs for a walk there. What better way to get a conversation started than to sport a four-legged friend?
Or maybe you just want to take your puppy out for a cup of java on the plaza. An endless stream of women will stop by to coo over man’s best friend. Try walking down Revolucion on a Wednesday. There are too many people to be able to walk your little one. It’ll get stepped on. Instead, put your bundle of joy in your arms with the rest of your bundles, and it’s sure to catch the eye of some eligible (and ineligible) honeys walking in the opposite direction.
There’s only one drawback to this strategy. It works so well, it might become a social crutch. Think about it, if you don’t meet Ms. Right in first several months, you might need a second puppy, and then a third.
I guarantee you’ll meet a lot of women, but if success eludes you, you might want look somewhere else for the reasons why. Try brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, retiring that beat-up tee-shirt, and learning a few social niceties. After all, you’re a caring sensitive, socially conscious person trying to help the (canine) homeless population…albeit with some bennies on the side. What woman wouldn’t love you if you cleaned up your act?
You know, there are scores of dogs awaiting adoption at Lakeside with fresh litters being born every day. This puppy preoccupation gave me an idea for the perfect fundraiser for all the Lakeside animal shelters. And the timing couldn’t be better. Hundreds of single guys and gals are about to descend on Lakeside to escape the northern winter…and possibly find companionship of two and four legged varieties.
Why not Rent-a Puppy? For a tidy sum, you could almost guarantee a guy he’ll meet women. Why not include a handy guide: The 10 best places to attract women with your “chick magnet.”
Who knows? The guy might score a two-fer: A new girl friend, and…if he becomes attached to the bait, a new puppy. And the animal shelter will also score a two-fer: a rental fee, and an adoption fee.
Wow! What a way to make so many people happy.
So…go hug a puppy today…and if the renter is half as cute as his four-legged companion, show him you appreciate what a big heart he has and how supportive he is of animal rescue, and give him a BIG hug too!
Disclosure: The author does not have any dogs. And while he’s seen this technique for meeting women work, he’s never tried it himself.
This article first appeared as a post at the author‘s blog about life at Lakeside and beyond at RetirednSingleBlog.wordpress.com.


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