Letters to the Editor – August 2017

Letters to the Editor



Dear Sir:

Sorry, Charlie but you REALLY missed the mark on your “Another Victim of Socialism” piece in the June issue of the Ojo. I am a solid capitalist, conservative. The structures and organizations are EXACTLY what The Founding Fathers had in mind- KEEP COMMON NEED ORGANIZATIONS AT THE MOST LOCAL LEVEL POSSIBLE. The volunteer groups, co-ops and LOCAL legal authority do just that. Would you prefer these organizations group together with others to form larger organizations further away from the immediate need? That is utopian/socialism.

With respect to property taxes, I too, as a Texan, got killed by property taxes. There is an alternate to that-state income taxes. NO WAY! Also, I believe that only land owners should have the right to vote or sales taxes should be higher and land taxes lower. Most renters are Democrat/Socialist. They have too much pull in the laws and interpretation of same. (deleted by Ojo) The better approach would have been to be grateful for the volunteerism of Texans and locally controlled utility and safety services. God bless Texas!

Mark Gregory


Dear Sir:

In my day, newspapers had a political section which gave as much print space to the conservative point of view as it did the liberal point of view. That way, people could make up their own minds which party best represented their interests.  The liberals of today have been indoctrinated with mind control suborned by main stream media.  There is no better example than the unmitigated bias of Fred Mittag’s “False Equivalence.” His entire theory of what constitutes a conservative is nothing but the same old rhetoric and a sad attempt at self-aggrandizement.  Shame on you Ojo Del Lago for publishing it and shame on you for having no backbone.  Hire a conservative writer, give him or her equal print space and tell the lefties who don’t like it to pound sand. 

 N Horne


Our Editor Replies:

Over the past several years, we have repeatedly solicited articles written from the conservative viewpoint. The response has never been little more than tepid. We have, however, published many Letters to the Editor that reflect a conservative and negative response to some of our more progressive-oriented articles, the latest example being your own letter.  Thanks for your interest in the Ojo.

Dear Sir:

In my two visits to Ajijic last year as a medical tourist, your magazine proved very useful indeed. I was attracted to it first of all by the quality of its photography, then realized it was full of ads by doctors, two of whom I later used. I then took several editions of the Ojo home and read through its articles.

I’ve written an account of my visits and hope it might be of as much value to El Ojo as an article as El Ojo had been to me in October in finding doctors.

Best Regards,

Richard R. Palmer

Tel: (530) 762-8122 (USA)


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