Centro Educativo Jaltepec – December 2022

Transforming Women For Life!
New Beginnings

It is December and the focus for the students and staff at Centro Educativo Jaltepec since September has been on New Beginnings – The Institute continues its extensive reconstruction, the recent graduates have moved on to their selected careers, and the instructors are preparing the next group of students for the foundation steps in their education. 

Centro Educativo Jaltepec and the Tequila Reserva de los González continue to present their Exclusive Tequila Tours and the cuisine of the premier gastronomic regions of Jalisco.

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Celebrating a LIVE Graduation Ceremony

After two years of online ceremonies, the first in person graduationof students earning their degree was held at the Campamentos Terrace at Jaltepec on August 19th.  Present were members of the BECA Foundation Council from Guadalajara – the group involved with fundraising and supporting Centro Educativo Jaltepec, along with the proud sponsors of several students, the administration staff, and the families.

The two students in red capes graduated from the Preparatoria program, having completed three years of studies and 22 exams in one year and will go on to earn their two year degree. The students in gold capes graduated with their Degree TSUH (Técnico Superior Universitario en Hoteleria).

Left to right: Fátima Silva (Preparatoria), Crystal Pérez (not sponsored), Ana Maraly Pavón, Zahira Guadalupe Barajas, Daniela Michelle Vázquez, Karla Rentería, Yosihary Rama, Belén Briseño (not sponsored), Lizeth Idaly López, Alondra Granero, Alma Julissa Alvarado, Rosa Nayeli Buenrostro and Gabriela Belén Corona (Preparatoria)

After the graduation, Ana Maraly Pavón was the Valedictorian – a portion of her speech is as follows.

We experienced fears, anxieties, challenges and uncertainties when we entered Jaltepec: especially the global pandemic that forced the reality of “virtual classes” that were always supported by the teachers, who patiently taught us the use of ‘digital platforms’. Imagine taking classes from the roof, in the corner store, or with the neighbor’s internet? Always searching for a connection because we didn’t have good internet.  And finally, after six months, on-site classes! But the isolation within Jaltepec was a time that allowed us to forge friendships that will last forever and complete our education.

Daniela Michelle Vázquez recognized the sponsors – a portion of her speech is as follows. 

Dear Sponsors, we feel immensely grateful to you for your unconditional support, we are so fortunate to have you with us making all this possible, changing our lives and giving us the opportunity to transform our future. Thank you!

Both complete speeches described the challenges and obstacles faced by these girls, as well as the gratitude and confidence gained to make the world a better place for themselves, their families and their communities.  

Yosihary Rama Tiempos is a success story whose ambition after her graduation continues. She now aspires to become a physiotherapist, Yosi has been accepted by the Telethon University in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Estado de México, and will be eligible for a Scholarship after her first semester. Her sponsors have agreed to continue to further her education and of course Yosi was thrilled to receive this news! These four kind generous souls will make it possible for Yosihari to fulfill her dream.

Without the wonderful support of our many sponsors, these young women would not be able to achieve their goals and transform their lives.  Most of the students at Jaltepec come from poor families and the scholarships they receive make a world of difference in furthering their education.

Submitted by Carole Baker, Assistant Community Facilitator

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