Profiling Tepehua – December 2022

We approach the end of an exciting year after an incredible November of Ghouls and Goblins, and a revolution thrown in for good measure. The Tepehua Community Center was chosen by the Ghouls as their charity, with the help of Michael Jackson, as people danced their way into giving financial help to assist in the water program, helping to buy the truck, new garrafones, and all the hidden costs that go with distributing potable water to the poor by selling to the rich. Robin Hood will be proud. And what a wonderful scene it was on the Ajijic malecón, after the hard work of the Thriller Group. The Tepehua Team thanks them deeply.

New trucks are hard to find, as the assembly lines in the States have slowed down and exporting is limited. We have the scouts out and enough money to go ahead when we find one. So 2023 will see Tepehua solving just one of the problems for those under the poverty line Lakeside. A big thank you to the private sector and the Rotary clubs.

Our Tepehua Treasures store is such a great little fund-raiser for the education program. Thanks to all for the support this year and hope you will visit our new bargain store for clothing, another aim we have of supplying affordable clothes to all who need them, all profits going to further education for the young people anywhere who are really trying to break the cycle of poverty in his/her family.

The store is called Tepehua. It is next door to the Tepehua Treasures store and is just an offshoot for lack of room in the original. They will both be taking donations of clothing, so with your support we can change our corner of the world by giving them a tool that is the greatest treasure of all… education.

The mortality rates of the mothers and infants have vastly improved in the 10 years our maternal health program has been in place. And for those who cannot leave the isolated villages, there is the maternal health bus, called HOW (Health Outreach for Women), run by one philanthropist and his group, which consists of the driver and two nurses, whose mission is to take the maternal health bus to the isolated villages every week. This organization is not widely known but the free exam they take to the women is the best care possible. We wish them continued success in 2023.

In this author’s travels around the world, which has been extensive, she has never witnessed anywhere the coming together of a people as witnessed here at Lakeside. People of all races and beliefs, or non-belief, reach out to help from their couch and from their cars and ivory towers. Not only has the topography of Lakeside changed (and is still changing, proof is in the traffic jams as cars try to maneuver the torn-up streets), but the barrios and attitude as people come together to make this a much better place. Poverty has an ugly face and it’s usually the women who is impacted most by it.

Be proud. YOU are changing it.

Wishing you health and high hopes for 2023. Always have a dream.

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