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My friend Joni Eareckson broke her spine in 1977, a swimming accident. Completely paralyzed, she no longer could use hands, arm or legs. Destiny brought us together. We were young women learning to adapt to abnormal live styles. I had been twelve years in a wheelchair. Our doctors “prayer-team” physicians encouraged us to develop skills in art and music, at the time this seemed impossible; nevertheless, it became a journey of discovery.

Prayer doctors sincerely believe the “healing spirit” of Christ provides the power to conquer pain without prescription medication. As our individual journeys unfolded, their faith led to courage, courage led both of us to incredibly successful careers. Holding a toothbrush between her teeth, Joni turned tragedy into works of art displayed at the Getty Museum. Aside from painting she wrote forty books, recorded several musical albums, and starred in an autobiographical movie of her life. The movie “Joni” is featured on YouTube and Amazon in both Spanish and English.

Some years ago, Joni and I were invited to join entertainers on a Princess Cruise to Alaska; her wheelchair rolled into the theater, parked on stage she said to the audience, “My disability teaches me what it means to pray without ceasing. When I invite the spirit of God into every cell of my heart, brain and body, I am strengthened to create all sorts of things. I wrote a song for you.” The orchestra began to play, and her voice rang out like a bell.

As for me, Sydney, my prayer doctors filled me with the courage to ignore my disability and work again. I am not the greatest singer in the world, but faith strengthened me to produce a musical dramedy in Ajijic “Una Chica Llamada Gay, A Girl Named Gay”. With the support of Lake Chapala’s beloved Mark Rome, Cindy Paul, Jimmy Barto and Gerardo Murillo, we raised funds for Ajijic Cares and homeless families with medical needs. 2022 is our eighteenth year of performances. This year’s program “Incredible But True” gave ex-pat residents, Karen Moebs, Lila Wells, Susan Q.Miller, Dave Salyers, Kathleen Durham and Sally Jo Bartlett the opportunity to tell their own stories. Rehearsals for Christmas begins throughout the month of May. For audition contact information:, 376-688-3636.

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