CSI Chapala is pleased to announce the implementation of the following safety initiatives:

CSI Chapala is pleased to announce the implementation of the following safety initiatives:


lake chapala1. “Anonymous Witness” Hotline (01-800-839-1416)

2. Re-launch of Neighborhood Watch Program

3. Installation of a new phone system at the Chapala Police station and bilingual phone answering.

1. “Anonymous Witness” Hotline (01-800-839-1416)

CSI Chapala is very pleased to announce the commencement of the “Anonymous Witness” Hotline, effective as of February 2. Our committee has worked closely with the Chapala Municipality, especially our Police Chief, Captain Reynol Contreras, who has been extremely supportive of this effort.

The “Anonymous Witness” Hotline is modeled after Crime Stoppers International, an international non-government organization that helps citizens to assist law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime all over the world. Crime Stoppers is now successfully assisting police in 28 countries worldwide.


Solving crimes effectively cannot be done by the police alone. Criminals are not ghosts. They live among us, law abiding citizens. Every criminal has a neighbor. Through the community’s “eyes and ears”, critical information and tips can be provided to the police, which they may not otherwise receive, that could be vital in bringing criminals to justice.

In the past, there have been concerns by citizens about personally reporting such information for fear of reprisals. Now you can safely help stop the people who are depriving the peace from our community by calling the toll-free “Anonymous Witness” Hotline (01-800-839-1416) with information about a criminal activity and the callers’ anonymity is guaranteed.

You can make a difference. You can become an anonymous hero.

How does it work?

You call the Mexican toll free number, 01-800-839-1416. This call is completely confidential. The call is automatically transferred to Canada, to an independent and professional call center which is part of Crime Stoppers International, and it will be answered, in either Spanish or English, by a professional operator.

The operator will ask you a series of questions in order to better understand your information. That operator is not interested in who you are, but rather in what you know. The operator does not have a caller ID on the phone and your phone number will not be recorded. Not even the police, who will receive the information you provide, will be able to find out your identity.

The information from the call will be transcribed and sent securely via email, in Spanish, to the Chapala Police. This information will also be sent to an unnamed private citizen who will review the leads with the Police Chief on a routine basis.

By guaranteeing a caller`s anonymity, Anonymous Witness allows the caller to give information in a positive atmosphere without the prospect of retribution.

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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