The Ojo Internet Mailbox

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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John Ward

What illustrious company! I am amazed and humbled and honored to be even considered in such a group of astoundingly talented writers. Look! I’m even red from blushing!


SYGENE 28 September 1936 – 7 February 2011 – March 2011


Dear Sir: I have just now read your heartfelt tribute to Sygene, your wife. I’m sad to hear of her passing. I knew her in another lifetime, but am glad she found happiness. My condolences to you and your family.



Carolyn Lucet

Your observations are so correct. How could any intelligent person that is not in the 1 percent consider supporting Mitt and Ryan. They have made it clear that they have no interest in the fate of the middle class, the poor, women and those disabled or elderly.



Michael Mclaughlin

There is no known experience that qualifies you for president of the United States. Sorry. Soldiers like Grant failed, and so did Taft and Coolidge, both business men who failed. Career politicians failed like Nixon. Lawyers? The worst of the lot. I’m afraid no US president can do much about economics, now that it is a WORLD economy. Mitt’s problem is you can’t live an entire life of privilege and know what is going on. I really believe that if you asked Mitt what a gallon of milk cost he wouldn’t know.



M.A. Porter

I’m not so sure that I agree with the chirpy “why me worry?” nature of this column. Seems to me that the day that every book goes digital is the day that humanity’s collective knowledge is at its greatest risk. Just one ‘zap’ of super-electromagnetism and everything digital goes dead … but the printed page lasts forever. Besides, digitizing is cheap – do you think that once government realizes this that they’re going to pay to stock the libraries with ink-on-paper? Noooo … most community libraries are already suffering from budget cuts.



M.A. Porter

A “well-regulated militia” can be defined in many ways. Citizens who mistrust the government would naturally define a grass-roots group of gun owners to be a
“militia” of sorts, ad-hoc though it may be. Billy-Bob and Joe-Frank over there as the leaders would be considered as “well-regulated,” especially if one of them is the county sheriff. So let’s stop moaning about the National Rifle Association, because the problems of the 2nd Amendment are semantic, and semantics are wholly contextual and largely cultural. My well-regulated militia is your whipping boy for everything that ails the USA. Better to focus on the root problems of gun violence – ignorance and racism, underestimated mental health problems and their underfunded treatment options, the ever-widening economic gap and greed, and encroaching totalitarianism and apathy about it.





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