With Ed Tasca, John Ward, Mark Sconce, Diana Rowland and Roberto Ortiz providing the super entertainment, the latest luncheon—which drew well over a hundred people—was one of our best ever.

To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks, and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!



1. Remembering Chamberpot Smythe

By John Ward, Feb. 13

2. Rhinoplasty

By Robert Drynan, Mar. 13

3. Open Letter to Sigmund Freud

By Maggie Van Ostrand

4. Non-Sequiturs, Anyone?

By Robert Tennison, Sep. 13

5. On Becoming Canadian

By Neil McKinnon, Nov. 12



1. Jaltepec Changed Her Life

By Mike & Sally Meyers, Dec. 12

2. Jim Cook

By Angela Cook, May 13

3. Mel Goldberg

By Rob Mohr, June 13

4. Walter Wherell

By Elsa Wasserman

5. Xill Fessenden – Lakeside Icon

By Lisa Jorgenson, Aug. 13



1. Malakias

By Roberto Moulun, Jan. 13

2. Savor of Fig

By Rob Mohr, Sep. 13

3. The Lot in Paradiso

By Jim Tipton, June 13

4. Then Along Came Aimee

By Jim Rambo, Aug. 13

5. Once Upon a Time

By Herbert Piekow, Nov. 12



1. The Brief History of the Jews in Mexico

By Mel Goldberg, Nov. 12

2. The Death of John Riley

By Michael Hogan, Apr. 13

3. The Mexican-French Pastry War

By Herbert Piekow, Apr. 13

4. Bartolome de las Casas

By Lorin Swinehart, June 13

5. The American School

By Sofia Benitez, Sep 13



1. Parting With the Poet

By Jim Rambo, Nov. 12

2. Bones

By Michael Warren, Sep. 13

3. Of Ashes

By Mark Sconce, June 13

4. The Day I Spoke the Truth

By Margaret Van Every, Nov. 12

(Award Accepted by Jim Tipton)

5. The Lost Ballad of Diety Holstein

By Tom Halley, Feb. 13



1. The Hero’s Journey By Joseph Campbell

By David Bryen, Nov. 12

2. The One that Got Away By Pat Hemingway

By Margaret Van Every, Dec. 12

3. The Woman Who Thought She Loved Men By Zofia Barisas

By Rob Mohr, Jan. 13

4. Saying Her Name By Margaret Van Every

By Michael McGrath, Dec. 12

5. Riding Off the End of the Map

By David Bryen By Mel Golberg, Aug. 13



1. Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum

2. Joyful Musings

By Joy Dunstan

(Award Accepted by Harriet Hart)

3. Front Row Center

By Michael Warren

4. Focus on Art

By Rob Mohr

5. Poets’ Niche

By Mark Sconce



1. Tipping Among Friends

By M.A. Porter, Oct. 12

2. Urban Gunsligers

By Fred Mittag, Freb. 13

3. World Wide Slave Traffic

By Lorin Swinehart, Dec. 12

4. Lakeside: Lourdes without French Food

By Ed Tasca, Feb. 13

5. Village Vignettes

By Micki Wendt, Feb. 13

6. My Father’s Walking Stick

By Carol Bradley, Sep. 13

7. Nine Steps to Happy Life in Mexico

By Maggie Van Ostrand, Apr. 13

8. I Used to Be Somebody

By Sandy Olson, July 13

9. The Saint of the Dead

By Bill Dean, Aug. 13

10. The Mariachi Kid

By Fred Mittag, Aug. 13









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