The Importance of Messiness

The Importance of Messiness





Life is messy, of course.

No neat corners

and predictable conclusions

despite our good efforts

clear results have a way

of slipping through our hands,

soapy eels.

Thinking now, I see ahead

clear lakes

and blue skies,

but when I draw closer

the water is muddied

the sky is dark

my certitude vanishes.

So, we plod along

often in muck

trying to live

just where  we are.

Some try to avoid

the eels and the swamps.

They stand on the dry banks

and count their blessings.

But in the end

we need the disequilibrium

to find our truth.

For what’s genuine

is covered

in the primordial slime

of uncertainty and doubt.

By Bill Frayer




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