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Preparing For A Successful Future

The annual Entrepreneurship Expo at Jaltepec,now the Microenterprise Business Event was established in 2008 and is especially interesting. Its focus is on the student’s ability to plan and present a viable business plan for their future endeavours. It is an opportunity to utilize what they have learned about the hospitality service, and transform this knowledge into a professional strategy.

This year’s event took place on Saturday, April 2, 2022 and was made available via Zoom for the sponsors of the participating students. Verónica Rojas was the Jaltepec Coordinator of the project and Linda Buckthorp, Community Facilitator for Jaltepec, was in attendance.

The panel of three judges was led by Alma Rosa Rosas. Alma is a business expert on Jaltepec’s Board of Directors and is in charge of the recently established “Alumnae Entrepreneur Mentoring Program”.

The second guest judge was Diego González Bonilla, with the Business Incubation Department for the Pan-American University in Guadalajara. Diego has been involved with the Expo for the past five years. His parents, Javier & Martha, have hosted our previous Christmas FOR Jaltepec events at their La Bodega Restaurant in Ajijic and are great supporters of Jaltepec. 

A special guest judge was Gloria Alejandra Rodríguez, a graduate of Jaltepec 2007, who owns and operates the Gourmet Mexican Restaurant, “Teocintle Maíz”, in Ajijic, considered the best in the Ribera de Chapala.

Gloria contributed a motivational message about her life experiences as an entrepreneur.

In part…  “It is worth dreaming, but what is really important is to work for your dreams. Since I was a child, I dreamed of cooking, becoming a chef, and owning my own business. There is no doubt it was thanks to Jaltepec that I have succeeded”.

Eleven of our second year students presented their business projects centered around a common theme, a baking challenge with different presentations and uses of cookies. Each student had two minutes to present their business plan, and win the judges’ hearts. The newly established Hybrid Learning Centres were put to effective use with the projects being shown on the gigantic TV screen. Each exhibited great poise using this new and innovative technique.

The Judges then collaborated to decide on the type of recognition for each venture based on the most original business idea, its social impact, and the structured business plans. Three projects were selected as winners, although recognition was given to all students depending on the outstanding attitudes, skills and abilities they demonstrated during their presentations.

To conclude the event, Education Director Lupita Cánepa congratulated the whole team and the parents with a heartfelt message of support for the students.

In part…. “ As Gloria said, we want you to discover that you can achieve your dreams, but obviously with hard work. This work is the challenge that will enable you to dream and fly as high as you can go. Congratulations to each of you.

Participants with Recognition Categories

Back row left to right:

Wendy Gaspar, Academic Coordinator, Verónica Rojas, Project Coordinator, Zahira – Quality in the product, Lizeth Idaly – Empowered entrepreneur, Gloria Rodríguez, Judge and Alumnus, Daniela – Innovative product, Alma Rosa Rosas, Judge, Crystal – Taste and traditions, Rosa Nayeli – Innovative business idea, Belen – Business vision, Lupita Cánepa, Education Director.

Front row left to right:

Yosihary – High volume producer, Karla – Connection with the client, Ana Maraly – 2nd place Business viability, Alma Julissa – 3rd place Creativity and cost-effectiveness, Alondra – 1st place Natural entrepreneur, Diego González Bonilla, Judge.


The most feasible projects from the Microenterprise Business Event have access to the recently established Mentorship Program at Jaltepec.  Alma Rosa Rosas, who participated as a judge in this year’s event, is also a very successful business woman and a member of the “Patronato”, or “Patrons of Jaltepec” who are working to develop the Mentorship Program. The ‘Programa Mentoría Emprendedoras Jaltepec’ provides professional guidance to the successful candidates from business experts every month for the first six months to get their own businesses established. 

The program has 3 specific objectives.

1. To identify the challenges or problems that each business may face.

2. To guide the student to avoid mistakes so they can establish their business as soon as possible. The Mentor will share his or her own experience.

3. To establish a good relationship between the student and the Mentor. The Mentor can support the student in the area of marketing, finance, publicity, etc.    

In addition, one of the strategies that this program is implementing is including graduates from Jaltepec who are business owners as mentors. In fact, they have already started to work with two of our graduates, and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this new endeavor!

AND!!!  We would like to remind you about the upcoming Departure Dates for our once a month Exclusive Tequila Tour:

Thursdays, May 26th, June 23rd, July 21st, August 25th, & September 22nd.

This is an exclusive Tequila Tour like no other. It is NOT a tour to the town of Tequila.

The Rancho Tequila Reserva de los González is located in the red highlands of Jalisco northeast of Ajijic and has never before been open to the public.,

For more information, please contact Linda Buckthorp at buckthorplm@gmail.com  or 333-407-8193.

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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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