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animal-sheltermay2010April 6, 2010, a Tuesday, dawned like any other day at our Cat Center: contented cats snoozing, playful ones teasing each other, fastidious ones grooming themselves in preparation for public appearances, and Barb, our cats’ majordomo, keeping a watchful eye and hoping for at least one adoption before day’s end. And then—all heaven broke loose. Before the day was over, nine cats and kittens were adopted, making it one of the happiest and most rewarding times in our history. Nine cats and kittens, some individually, others in pairs, were tenderly plucked off their pillows and carried out in loving arms.

For the record, they were Chelsea and Diego (went together), Geraldine and Jackson (together), Tanya and Tiffany (sisters, together), and Maureen, Buster, and Susanna. Best of all was that all the beautiful long-term residents who were getting a bit down-hearted were among them. Barb reports that people actually had to wait their turn for all the paper work to be accomplished. Now what brought all these fine people to our door that day? Who’s looking for an answer? Not us. We think of Oscar Hammerstein’s wonderful lyric, “Who can explain it, who can tell us why? Fools give you reasons; wise men never try.”

Wisely, we simply say thank you to those who adopted on April 6, have adopted in the past or will adopt in the future. You make our day. And of course our “stock” has not been depleted. All sizes, colors, and interesting personalities still available.

Across the way at the Dog Center, however, they were singing the blues when I called to check. Some dogs had come down with a respiratory virus going around, while many of the puppies were in treatment for amoebas. All were expected to get well, but caution always rules at our place and so the Center was temporarily under quarantine. Mainly this means we don’t take a new dog in but we can adopt out providing the dog is doubled-checked by our vet before it leaves and the adopters are informed that if the dog comes down with something in the next few days, they can bring it back to us for treatment. I know all of us associated with the Animal Shelter are proud and, as animal lovers ourselves, grateful that we can maintain these high health standards for our cats and dogs.

Not every adoption facility chooses—or maybe can’t afford or maybe just doesn’t care—to make sure their animals are in good health before being adopted out. But we see heartbreak in the making when a sick animal is adopted out—hurtful to the animal, potentially hurtful to the pets already in residence at its new home and upsetting for the adopter.

Everyone is welcome to visit our dog and cat adoption centers as well as our lovely sanctuary for exotic birds. And don’t forget Our Store for the best prices on pet food. We’re a one-stop shop-and-adopt animal center. How smart.

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