Carolyn Kingson

Carolyn Kingson was born in New Orleans and received her PhD from Tulane University. Her field of interest was the physiology of sexual behavior; she published a number of articles in scholarly journals, one garnering attention when it was cited in Playboy under the heading “Use It or Lose It.” In 1970 and ‘71, after teaching in Michigan, she and her then-husband traveled around the world, beginning in Japan and reversing the hippie trail to Europe. Later, she returned to teaching, had two daughters, dropped out and built a house in a village in New Mexico, made high-end jewelry, painted, and wrote five novels. She helped compile and contributed to Viva San Pancho, an account of life in the village where she and her second husband bought a home in 1996 and to which they retired in 2005. She has also lived in San Sebastián, and now, Chapala.